Style: Dressing To Breastfeed

Dress Like A Mum

One of things you don’t realise before you have your first baby, is how tricky dressing can be once bubb is born. Breastfeeding in public can be an ordeal in itself, as can the daunting new mum wardrobe. So, dressing to make breastfeeding as stress free as possible (essential), plus clothes that make us look / feel good? Bonus!

Zoe de Pass Dress Like A Mum
Super stylish Zoë de Pass created the Dress Like A Mum project to challenge the concept of dressing ‘like a mum’.

She’s proving one outfit at a time we can be both Mums AND feel young (ahem!) stylish and confident. She’s setting the bar for mums to change how other people think we dress, and to prove there’s no such thing as dressing like a mum.

Here, Zoë talks us through the basics of how to dress to breastfeed and keep it stylish.

Zoë: After the birth of my first baby, I’d assumed I’d just go back to wearing my normal clothes, so it was a bit of a shock to realise that I couldn’t wear half of them due to having to dress to breastfeed. During my first maternity leave I slipped into a boring style of jeans and t-shirt.

After the birth of my second child I was so much more knowledgable as to what I could and couldn’t wear that I was determined not to lose my love of clothes and keep my outfits interesting, regardless of having to dress to breastfeed.

Here are a few of my tips and tricks…

Vests: By wearing a vest under everything, the vest can come down, the breast can come out and the tummy can stay hidden. I have leopard print ones, nude, black, white, pink and purple coloured ones. I’ll either clash them with my over top and make a statement, or match them for a more subtle look.

H&M are great for normal vest tops, the only ‘official’ breastfeeding top I wore was by Mama’s Little Secret, which was fab.

Jumpsuits: Perfect for breastfeeding – look out for ones that you can unbutton at the front or with straps you can pull down over your shoulder.

Topshop Utility Jumpsuit
Topshop Utility Jumpsuit // £55

Tops: Tops can open, come up or down. Shirts are great; you can wear a vest under them or unbutton them to gain access. For tops that come up – look out for ones with looser bottoms, so they’re more comfortable and easier to pull up. For those that come down, choose ones with looser or low necks can be pulled down under the breast.

& Other Stories Denim Shirt
& Other Stories Denim Shirt // £55

Dresses: Wear shorts under dresses in the summer and leggings under them in the winter – then just treat the dress like a top and wear a vest.

Dungarees: These little beauties are great for tummy hiding and breastfeeding. Wear them with t-shirt and vest underneath, but watch out for the straps falling down the loo!

Zara Oxford Shirt
Zara Oxford Shirt // £25.99

Ultimately, remain true to your style – you don’t need to compromise it. Only buy and wear things that you would if you didn’t have to breastfeed.

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