Style: Sorting Your Pregnancy Wardrobe

We all want to rock an amazing wardrobe when we’re pregnant, to show off our bump as it grows. We want our maternity clothes to have some semblance of style, without splashing a fortune on them, but it can be tough. Finding good pieces that don’t make you feel like a frump and / or make you look like a beached whale are difficult to come by. Help!

For me, it was all about Topshop Maternity, their bodycon dresses saw me through many months. And yes, you can still wear dungarees! Topshop Bump Bands are a preggo wardrobe essential, perfect for when your bump’s still quite small but your normal tops are starting to ride up / jeans riding down.

Topshop is also a good shout for skinny jeans that are actually still skinny in the leg, but most of them have low waistbands (when the bump band comes in handy). For jeans that are over-the-bump and affordable, H&M is brilliant. Zara also have a small range of maternity jeans online. For leggings (we all need them at some point right?!)  American Apparel high rise leggings are fab.

ASOS have a huge maternity range, worth checking out purely for the sheer amount of choice.  H&M are great for cheap and easy jersey dresses, which I lived in during the heat of summer. For more of an investment, Isabella Oliver is another one for bodycon dresses – lovely quality and super comfy.

Happy shopping!