Holidays With Baby: A Survival Guide

Holidays With A Baby Survival Guide

The first holiday with your newborn can be quite a daunting thought. What do we need, how much of it do we take, and is the trip worth all this hassle? Yes it is.

These tips should help you survive it, and come back still speaking to the spouse.

  • When picking where to go, consider the time difference, even a small one can be a killer. For example, if they’re just two hours ahead, the baby will be ready to rise at 5am (and want to play)
  • Travel time. Of course you’ll think about the time on the flight, but also take into account the realistic transfer time on either side. Once you’ve done the flight, ideally you’d have the shortest time possible getting to the hotel. Arriving back at Gatwick on Bank Holiday Friday and diving home into central London (as we’ve done) is not advisable
  • Family friendly accommodation is a must. If you dread huge hotel complexes and kids club type holidays, check out Smith & Family and Baby Friendly Boltholes, these have a wealth of hotels where you don’t have to sacrifice on style. Smith & Family detail exactly how family friendly each is. You do need to be somewhere that understands the need to sterilize bottles and be baby safe
  • Accept that you won’t be enjoying the long, drunken, candlelit dinners of holidays gone by. You’ll be getting the baby to sleep first and then finding a quiet corner of the restaurant where they can snooze in the pram (snooze cover for the pram absolutely essential)
  • Ditto for sunbathing – protecting a moving child from too much sun is a full time job, so sunbathing hours are drastically reduced. Getting a spray tan in advance helps a lot on this front. My favorite James Harknett is the best Tan Man around, he can be found at the W Hotel or does home visits
  • Toys, take enough of them. Some good advice is to save a new toy to give them on the plane. Although ours finds the in-flight safety instructions much more interesting. The iPad (as in all situations) can be a lifesaver
  • Agree a shared schedule with your partner up front. Ie – I’ll get up with the baby in the morning (so you can lie in a bit). Then you can then look after her in the afternoons, so I can read a book in peace in the sun. Or have a massage. Happy days