Amazing Mothers

Jenny Lewis One Day Young Hazel and Rudy

Every mother feels the ultimate sense of pride when their new baby finally arrives – She’s here! I bloody did it!

East London photographer Jenny Lewis wanted to celebrate mums and their freshly delivered babies, so over 5 years she created One Day Young, a collection of photos all taken within the first 24 hours of a baby’s life. She captures those magical, precious first hours after birth, as new mums marvel at the new life they’ve created.

Jenny Lewis One Day Young
Katharina and Tito

I don’t remember how I felt about myself, I don’t think I did. I think I surrendered myself to being totally in love.

As soon as I saw him, I was like, ‘Oh it’s you. Hi’. He was so familiar.

Lewis created the project as she felt the need for a positive message to go out about childbirth, rather than the continually negative and scary stories we hear. The photos show the mix of emotions, power and triumph of post-childbirth mothers.

The book is just beautiful, full of overwhelming love. It’s a perfect present for mums-to-be. Tell expectant mums – you can do it, and you come out the other side feeling strong.

Jenny Lewis One Day Young
Tara and Penelope

You do what you want, when you want… Then it all alters. All you want, is for them. Anything, everything, is for them. And with that comes the realisation that that is how your parents have always felt about you…

Jenny Lewis One Day Young
Jenny and Nora