Embarrassed (a new mum’s experience of modern breastfeeding)

‘Embarrassed’ was written by spoken word artist Hollie McNish in a public toilet, after her baby had fallen asleep there, where she’d been breastfeeding.

Hollie was so embarrassed while breastfeeding in public, that for the first six months she took her little girl into the loo. I’m sure a huge amount of new mums can identify with the feelings and insecurities Hollie describes. I have friends who’ve had comments directed at them about feeding in public, and a friend who used to feed her little boy in the loo.

I’m with Holly. No more embarrassment please.

You may have seen the poem on YouTube already, and now a short film is being made of it.

Indy8 are a BAFTA winning production company who are supporting Hollie to create the film, and get it on air on Channel 4. It’s been commissioned by the channel, but they need help with a bit more funding, so if you can help, please check out the project’s Kickstarter page.

Let’s get the film on air and in front of as many people as possible. I don’t want new mums to have to feel like this while feeding their babies.