Wish List: Mother’s Day Gifts

Martini Mum’s Serra Kerrigan gives Petite Bonita her top gift recommendations this Mother’s Day.

Mothers should be celebrated all year round and small tokens of affection should be given whenever the moment takes us. Young kids do it all the time, they’re always writing little notes saying how much they love us; I had one only a few days ago which simply said ‘thank you for looking after me’. Their shows of appreciation are natural, ongoing and heart warming. I am in awe of them.
As a mama, life travels at such a pace that it’s an achievement just to clear the pile of washing and get to bed at a reasonable hour, so sadly small acts of love get forgotten. That’s why Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s are so important, because they force you to stop, and show the people most important to you, how much they mean to you. 
The one thing we’ll treasure most on Mother’s Day is that little note, drawing or hand print from our babies. However, if you want to drop some serious hints to your partner or treat your own mum on the 15th, here are my top five gifts for Mother’s Day. 
  1. Flowers: A bit of a cliché, but the way your tummy flips when a huge bouquet appears at your door is unparalleled. My top tip is to have them delivered: there’s something about a flower delivery arriving at your door that adds to the magic. If you want to make a real statement get your flowers from McQueens, they are one of the best in the London area.
  2. Bath Oil: I talk about me-time, a lot. I think it’s incredibly important for mothers to carve out something for themselves. The demands of family life can be overwhelming and I believe if you don’t do things for yourself you’re in danger of loosing yourself to motherhood. But I am also appreciative that getting me-time is often easier said than done, so I’m an advocate of making the ordinary, extraordinary, like the humble bath. A soak in the bath can be restorative for mind, body and spirit and there are some truly wonderful bath products that take the experience up a notch. I would be happy with anything from the Aromatherapy Associates range, but if we’re talking mums taking a break I would opt for the Relax Bath Oil .
  3. A Silk Scarf: I don’t know what I’d do without my scarves. For me they are the must have accessory for a mother. You might think it’s because I am trying to make a style statement but in fact they have a much more practical function – when I haven’t had time to wash my hair they transform my messy mop into something all together different. Depending on your budget, go for a classic print from Liberty, or if you’re really pushing the boat out choose something from Hermes.  I love this bright Tree of Life Silk Liberty Scarf, perfect for shaking off the drabs of winter. And this classic equestrian Hermes Scarf which is an investment but will become an heirloom.
  4. Jewellery: Jewellery features on the list because I don’t think it’s something that you often buy for yourself. When choosing, don’t be boring, have a little fun! I love the new Beyond The Sea Collection by Alex Monroe (available from Liberty). The crab and rope ring and fabulous rose gold lobster ring are my favourites (CUE MY HINT, it’s out of stock at the moment, but should be available in time for my birthday).
  5. Silk Bedding: Now, we’re not talking Del Boy’s black satin sheets here, but beautiful, luxurious, neutral coloured gorgeousness. When you become a parent you don’t get to spend a massive amount of time in bed, so when you do get those precious hours, why not make them amazing? As well as being a totally unnecessary indulgence (which is why I like them) they are incredibly warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Rumour has it that sleeping on silk is wonderful for your skin and has anti-aging benefits, so if you can’t stretch to a full set, then go for pillow cases. How many more reasons do we need?
Serra runs mama lifestyle website Martini Mum.