Inspirational Mamas: The Grace Tales

The Grace Tales

One of my new favourite instagram feeds is @thegracetales from Australian site The Grace Tales, with its stories of how mothers make life work for them. Love having a sneaky peek at their stylish homes and nurseries, and hearing how these women manage their families, what their idea of children / work / life balance is.

The thing that got me hooked was the beautiful quotes and advice, which show me all women go through the same things in motherhood. I love this quote from Australian presenter and blogger Rebecca Judd ~

My advice to new mothers? You can feel really shitty at times, and sometimes you might not think that having a newborn is the most ahhmazing thing in the world. That’s ok. It’s ok if it’s hard and it’s ok if you don’t enjoy yourself some days. It’s the hardest job ever (and the most rewarding) and some days you’ll feel like crap. This does not make you a bad mother, it makes you NORMAL.

The Grace Tales is now my go to reading for night time feeds. We need to hear these stories from our amazing mums in the UK too!