Getting ready: The first weeks with your newborn

First few weeks with a newborn

Before the little bundle arrives, knowing exactly what you’ll need for the first few weeks can be bamboozling. Apart from clothes and nappies, what will you actually use?

Essential things recommended by new mums (and the best versions they’ve come across) was a lifesaver for me. This is what you’ll really need when you bring bubba home.

  • Lansinoh Nipple Cream – several tubes for those sore nips. It’s handy to keep one by your bedside, the coffee table, the bathroom and in the changing bag
  • Nipple pads – you’ll use lots in first two months. Our mums also recommend the Lansinoh version, they have a good shape
  • Cotton pads for warm (boiled) water for changing bottom, Waitrose do the best, large square ones
  • Muslins – lots of. Mamas and Papas have huge ones which are the softest we’ve come across
  • A feeding pillow, a triangle or donut shaped one is a good choice
  • Baby towels. Check the size, you don’t want them too small; bubba will be cold as soon as they get out of the bath, you’ll want to wrap them well to get them snug and warm
  • When it comes to baby vests, get lots and in various sizes; you don’t know which will fit! Mamas and Papas Welcome to the World range and H&M Organic Cotton Bodysuits both come in sizes that are small enough and wash well
  • When you get home from the hospital it’s likely you’ll be warm and will get very hot on some nights. You’ll need something light / cotton to wear, or go with just your underwear!

And finally (not a product but…) drink lots of water. When you get home make sure your family and support partners are topping you up all the time, you’ll need it x

 Image via Plum Pretty Sugar