Beauty: Pregnancy Pampering

Pregnancy is a time to pamper and look after yourself. To put your feet up and relax before your little bundle arrives. It’s also a time to pump your skin full of moisturiser and look after it as it goes through so many changes.

Miracle products I used during pregnancy were Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Butter – I slapped it all over my bump, and still used it well into motherhood as the bump decreased. It smells amazing, is super thick, and most importantly (thankfully) I’ve managed to avoid getting any stretch marks.

Love Boo’s pregnancy products are also lush. Their Super Stretchy Miracle Oil and Silky Soft Body Wash were my favourites. The body wash makes dry skin feel moisturised again. I discovered these products when hubby bought me the Luxury Mummy Spa Kit as a present, it’s a lovely gift that I’ll be giving to any preggers friends in future.